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Friday, July 23, 2010 / Comments (6) / by xeno

cute-korean.blogspot now have new home,! From now, no more update here anymore.

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To Old to be Hwang Mi Hee's fan!?

Thursday, July 22, 2010 / Comments (17) / by xeno

It's about a year since i got my Daum and Naver account from American born Korean friend. FYI, if you want to create account at Daum or Naver, you need South Korea phone number and Korea ID. Since then, I tried almost once a month for a year to join "" (an official HMH fan forum). Why? because each time i try to join, they give me an error messages, picture text messages not html text (I cannot read Hangul) and I cannot use translator either.

Today.... I tried it again. I got same messages, i accidentally highlight the text, and yes! They give me text messages now not a pics! Happily I copy paste it to google translator! below is not the real translate, but it had same meaning, just imagine someone tell you in polite way.

"Sorry dude, you're to old for Hwang Mi Hee. To join at least you must born after 1950 (mean max age to join is 60 years old). But don't worry, there still forum that suit you"

p/s : Because it almost impossible to find any handphone number with owner that not register to Daum or Naver my friend use his grandfather hp and ID :). Amazingly i can join any other forum without age problem.

Song Jina [송지나] Big Collection Volume 01 (1317 Pics, 481MB)

Friday, July 16, 2010 / Comments (18) / by xeno

Here Song Jina, one of the most wanted collection. Ju Da Ha performance not so good, only 50+ downloads so far. I said I'm going to post Song Jina until Ju Da Ha got 100 downloads but I myself cannot wait to share this amazing collection. Honestly while i'm working on this collection sometime i forgot about Hwang Mi Hee >_<...

OK stop the chat, here photos collages for preview what inside "Song Jina Big Collection Volume 01".

  • SongJina_Collection_1
  • 153 Folders
  • 1,317 Pictures
  • 481 MB

Interchangeable Download Links (HotFile & FileServe) :

p/s : @Zam - Picture of Song Jina you looking for are in "Dream Car Festival 2007" but Song Jina wear 3 different color tube; yellow, blue and red. It a little hard to find her wear the blue one. More in yellow, and less than 10 pics of her in red tube.

Ju Da Ha [주다하] Big Collection Volume 01 (1134 Pics, 402MB)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 / Comments (8) / by xeno

I'm not sure if anybody will download this Ju Da Ha's collections, so far about 700+ downloads from Hwang Mi Hee's set, Kim Ha Yul about 420+ and Ryu Ji Hye 120+. Let wait and see Ju Da Ha performance.

"I think i should wait until Ju Da Ha get 100 marks before post Song Jina" erm..........................

Anyway here photos collages for preview what inside "Ju Da Ha Big Collection Volume 01".

Interchangeable Download Links (HotFile & FileServe) :

Ryu Ji Hye [류지혜] Big Collection Volume 01 (1036 Pics, 401MB)

Wednesday, July 07, 2010 / Comments (12) / by xeno

Thank you for downloading the previous collection, now is Ryu Ji Hye turn. Not my favorite race queen, but her cuteness enough for me to waste my time to collecting her pictures.

Here photos collages for preview what inside "Ryu Ji Hye Big Collection Volume 01".

  • RyuJiHye_Collection_1
  • 147 Folders
  • 1,036 Pictures
  • 401 MB

Interchangeable Download Links (HotFile & FileServe) :

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